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Shaman king vol 15

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Only 2 left in stock

Shamans possess mysterious powers that allow them to communicate with gods, spirits, and even the dead. High school student Manta Oyamada doesn’t know much about them, but that quickly changes when his class welcomes a new transfer student from remote Izumo: Yoh Asakura, a shaman in training! Although he may be just starting out, Yoh’s dream is a big one: to become the shaman king, the only true shaman who can communicate with the Great Spirit and help make the world a better place. But the road to this pinnacle of spiritual power is through the Shaman Fight: a battle with rival mediums who summon dizzying forces from the world of the dead in their own attempts to capture the crown. It would be nice if Yoh had a little more time to train and grow up… but the Shaman Fight is only held once every 500 years, so it will have to grow up quickly!

Series Shaman King
Publisher Kodansha
EAN 9781421516578
Language English
Volume 15
Kind Paperback


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