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Pokémon Tote Bag Pikachu Carrying Case

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Do you want to always have your favorite Pokémon with you and show it to everyone? Then this nice carrying bag with Pikachu print is ideal for you. The tote bag is back. Just like in the 80s, the wearers often want to convey something with it in a light-hearted way. To brighten up your bag even more, you also pinned some buttons / badges on it (also look at our selection of badges). To tote wild say as much as “carry your stuff in another bag or bag”. So what do you pay attention to fill this tote bag with groceries/shopping or Pokemons that you caught along the way? Is Pikachu also among them?

Series Pokemon
Manufacturer GB Eye
EAN/UPC 5028486485413
Contents 35 cm x 45 cm


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