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One Piece Grandista The Grandline Men Sabo figure 28 cm

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This amazing 28 cm action figure of Sabo from the anime series One Piece should certainly not be missing in the collection of a real fan. Sabo is the chief of staff of the revolutionary army and is recognized as the “No. 2” of the entire organization, because he is directly behind Dragon in command. He is also the adopted younger brother of the late Portgas D. Ace, and the adopted older brother of Monkey D. Luffy. Sabo was of nobility, but ran away from home because he did not want to forcibly marry a princess. It says 602,000,000 Berry on his head, but you won’t betray Sabo, will you? This Sabo Action Figure should have a place with every One Piece fan.

Series One Piece
Manufacturer Bandai
EAN/UPC 4983164181067
Measurement 28 CM


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