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Dragon Ball Z Characters adult t-shirt S


Are you also a big fan of Dragon Ball? Then take a look at this incredibly cool T-Shirt from the popular anime series. The different characters are depicted in shades of grey. This makes the colorful Dragon Ball logo even more beautiful.

In the anime and manga series, Son Goku is followed from childhood. Goku has always been a very strong boy and goes on a journey with Bulma to find Dragon Balls. He later apprenticed to Kame Sennin to participate in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. Goku goes through many battles but often enemies and rivals later become his friends. Goku saves the world from the demon Piccolo and eventually grows into the strongest martial artist on Earth. The anime and manga series has a large number of martial art heroes and villains who cause the conflicts that drive the Dragon Ball story.

Series Dragon Ball
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