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Banpresto Dragon Ball Z GX Materia Figure Son Goku

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This action figure of Son Goku fires his Kamehameha. Based on Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z, this G x Materia figure from Super Saiyan Gohan has a translucent blue energy punch with a powerful pose, ready to fight his enemies. Amazing G x Materia figure from the amazing Son Gohan SSJ2 manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. Includes translucent beam effect.

Son Goku is followed in Dragon Ball from childhood. Goku has always been a very strong boy and goes on a journey with Bulma to find Dragon Balls. He later apprenticed to Kame Sennin to participate in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. Despite the many battles Goku experiences, enemies and rivals often become friends of his later on. Goku is your friend too, isn’t he?

Series Dragon Ball
Manufacturer Banpresto
EAN/UPC 4983164396546
Measurement 15 CM


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