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About us

Weebs ‘R Us is a store for Weebs made by Weebs.
As a kid, I was always into comics and video games. In my teens I also became very fascinated by the Japanese anime and manga series.
With every city trip I took, I immediately started looking for stores that sold my favorite manga books and anime merch. The shops in big cities like London, Paris and Berlin were a paradise for me. Why didn’t we have something like this in my own city: Maastricht?

My own store
After my International Business degree, I took the plunge and started renting a stall in the shop in shop “Jouw Marktkraam” in the center of Maastricht. That one stall quickly became 2, 3, 4 and now there are already 5. Weebs ‘R Us is now also present in “Jouw Marktkraam” in Hoensbroek and we are trying to expand even further.

A webshop for Weebs
With the launch of our webshop, my childhood dream has come true. I hope you find a cool place to browse around here at your leisure and get super excited about the many cool items we have in our range. A place for real Weebs, something I always wanted as a child.

Future plans
But it doesn’t end there. Weebs ‘R Us plans to grow and also hopes to open a physical store in the center of Maastricht: a place where Weebs can meet, view our range in real life and chill over a drink and snack.
You see: we still have plenty of plans and will keep you informed of the latest developments.